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KEY WORD: “freedom on vacation”!

Yes, because from the awakening you will be free to choose from the breakfast buffet the one you like more! From 7:30 to 11:30 our kitchen will bring out “exclusively homemade” cakes, pastries and confectionery, quality jams, and every day many savory surprises! Omelettes, savory pies, cold cuts and cheeses, wurstel for the sweet tooth and why not? stuffed local piadina!

Lunch and dinner with water included, at our “Senzaspine” restaurant, will be the real surprise of your holidays!                                                  The informal buffet lunch will amaze you with fresh, light and tasty dishes.

For the beach-addicted we offer a rich “take away” basket … never give up the sea!

In the evening, waiting for dinner, you can relax at our chiringuito (novelty 2020) on the terrace, listening to tropical music with an ice-cold Mojito in your hands,  made by our Bartender!

At dinner, you will be served what you have chosen from the menu, which is different every day, because we do the dedicated shopping every day. We got tired of seeing buffets full of “mappazzoni”, as chef Barbieri says, which fills the eyes and swells the bellies! We will serve you generous portions, made only with excellent products, as tradition has it. “Few things done well” as my grandfather Gino always said.

Our winning dishes? Mixed fry fish, spaghetti with clams from Bellaria …. and every Wednesday “Paella”, cooked on sight by the chef!

 “Senzaspine” restaurant is very popular, especially by the inhabitants of Bellaria Igea Marina. It offers an imaginative menu inspired by the Romagna tradition and tropical cuisine. From this year some delicious FishBurger proposals and menus designed for those who do not want to give up the line even on vacation. (Look for it on TripAdvisor)

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