Amusement Parks, ready to thrill you?

For the little ones there Duckburg, then again Fiabilandia, Italy in Miniature and…

Fun and Adriatic Coast have always been related words. Does not exist without the other. The Doria hotel in Bellaria Igea Marina is close to all means of transport that can take you to the islands of fun. For the children in Igea Marina, right next to the hotel Doria is the mini amusement park “Duckburg” with cars, skating, train, trampolines, pond and room giochi.Il train of Bellaria Igea Marina is in itself a fun, it seems that the drivers were born to make people laugh their passengers zigzagging among the people!

A stone’s throw Doria Hotel in Igea Marina, the train station, to quickly reach Mirabilandia, always close to the hotel Doria, the sea, the stops of the main bus routes to Rimini and Riccione.

Hotels agreement with all the theme parks

Rimini and Riccione are the capital of nightlife …. just minutes from the hotel Doria in Bellaria Igea Marina

Polo Est

On the beach, 5 minutes from the hotel Bellaria Igea Marina Doria, a space where music and entertainment on the beach make the holiday a dream!


A beautiful resort on the beach of Igea Marina, where the best Italian singers and comedians have performed in recent years. Fixture that now with MTV, which has seen him perform on stage in Bellaria Igea Marina, international stars of rock music … one for all Skunk Anansie’s singer Skin.

La notte rosa

Raf, singing n the edition of 2007…

Memorable performance of Fiorella Mannoia … Visit the site to know who will be this year’s guests!

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